Who are some of your clients?
We work with everyone from brides and grooms to corporate event planners and national convention groups, kids parties, Schools, anyone needing a change in the way Balloons are displayed. We make your ideas come to life.

Why do you charge that much for "BALLOONS"?
Balloons by Lady B takes pride in transforming an event into a wonderful colorful and funloving space with the creation of balloon decor. We do not make balloons we create designs and If you’ve ever had to plan an event, you know that it takes time to pull all of the pieces together, and our price lsit reflects that. And we ask that you not look at it as paying for balloons look at it as paying for my skill and know how to make your ideas come to life with the creations of balloons.
Do you have a minimum purchase price?
Typically we usually have a minimum purchase amount of $175.00 but Balloons by Lady B is willing to work with all budget  types.

What does that $175.00 minimum purchase price include?
Balloons by Lady B offers an array of designs so once you've had your free consultation with a Certified Balloon Artist we'll determine your needs and wants and we'll direct you to the correct designs and you will be able to choose from an array of design options for your event.

How do I handle payment?
We require a non-refundable 50% deposit by cash, check or major credit card (through our paypal account)  upon signing our contract. Balances are due prior to the event date. Events canceled or rescheduled due to inclement weather may incur certain non-refundable fees. If Balloons by Lady B cancel then all monies received will be returned in full. Last minute booking also incurs a late booking fee

Do you deliver Helium Filled Balloons?
Yes we do we have over 250 colors and themed balloons to fit your party needs.

Do you have a delivery fee?
Yes there is a $15.00 delivery and set up fee for Charlotte and a $20.00 delivery and set up fee for cities other than Charlotte. And that will be added to the cost of your total. 

 Will you come out and take down the design after the event is over?
No. Unless you want us to. Our equipment if any used has to be returned withing 48 hours after your event. You may return it to our homebase or you can choose to pay an extra $15.00 break down fee to have us come and discard of the design after your event is over.